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Cake Shapes


Love is an endless circle.  That's what makes the round a traditional choice for a wedding!  The simplicity of the round has an elegance that creates a beautiful backdrop for patterns, textures, colors and flowers.  


Square cakes add a modern and stylish look.  You can go with the clean cut square shape or soften the edges with flowers or other embellishments. or create emphasis by adding ribbon.  Cake it up a notch and create visual interest by placing tiers at an angle.


This six-sided beauty is the creative answer to the modern square.  Keep it clean and simple with this stunning shape that has a sophistication all its own.


Make a modern and bold, but quirky statement with asymmetrical layers of cake.  Each tier is slanted and a different size giving the cake a dramatic look.  This shape is for the daring and adventurous couple that want to make heads turn!


HEART  Who doesn't love a heart shaped cake? It's an all time favorite and the perfect shape to honor love!  These cakes can take on so many different styles – elegant, fun, romantic, yet playful and attractive.  Touch it up with ribbons, flowers and pearls or leave it naked with fruits for a simple look.

OVAL  Looking for something traditional but unique?  The elongated shape of the oval provides a simple and elegant background for unimaginable creative perfection.  This beautiful, elliptical design is not something you stumble upon everyday at weddings!

PETAL  Also referred to as "scalloped", this shape presents like a flower.  Pairs well with rounds as the middle or bottom tier.  Play up this shape with hand painted details.

RECTANGLE  An artistic and dreamy option for the couple that wants something simple and modern.  These cake are stacked wide and high to accommodate dramatic designs.

Frostings, Icings and Sugar Pastes

Not all frostings are created equal.


The popular and most versatile frosting with a base of mostly butter and powdered sugar.  We offer the following types of buttercream:​

AMERICAN The go-to buttercream choice for many and probably the most familiar.  It sometimes gets a bad rap for being too sweet, but we make ours with cream, giving it a light smooth taste.

CREAM CHEESE A variation of American Buttercream if you will.  Cream cheese is used in addition to butter.  This fan fave pairs well with carrot cake, hummingbird cake and red velvet cake.

SWISS This less-sweet, exceptionally smooth buttercream has a light airiness to it, yet is so rich and buttery. The  ultra-silky texture of this buttercream gives the cake a smooth shiny finish.

SWISS The go-to buttercream choice for many and probably the most familiar.  It sometimes gets a bad rap for being too sweet, but we make ours with cream, giving it a light smooth taste.


Fondant is a firm sugar icing used to create a clean, smooth, seamless finish on cakes, making this a popular choice for wedding cakes.  However, it is not the most delectable option.  If your cake design has a lot of details, fondant is the go to option.  Be mindful of your budget if this your icing of choice, it can get expensive.


This one's for the chocolate lovers! This frosting has a chocolate and cream base, making it the most decadent of them all.


Whipped icing is made from heavy whipping cream, powdered sugar and flavorings. Some whipped icings use meringue powder or plain gelatin for stability.  Whipped icing has a delicate texture that is airy and smooth.  Best for chilled desserts.

Faux Cake

Faux or dummy (styrofoam) cakes are a great way to add height to cake.  After all, it is important to match the height of cake to the space of the venue. Faux cakes make for endless possibilities for the size and decor of the the cake.  They are also lighter, stable and easier to stack perfectly straight.


Replacing real cake  with faux or dummy cake seems like a budget friendly move, but that's not exactly true.  You may save on the cost of ingredients, but the cake still has to be stacked and decorated.  Let's be honest, the labor associated with decorating is really what you are paying for when it comes to a wedding cake. 

Kitchen Cakes

Contrary to popular belief, kitchen cakes and sheet cakes are not the same.  Kitchen cakes are stacked and filled the same as your wedding cake.  Individual servings will match those cut from the decorated cake (unless the decorated cake is a dummy cake).  Kitchen cakes are not displayed.  They are held in a prep area until they are ready to be cut for distribution.  Kitchen cakes should be used when you need more cake than your wedding cake will serve, or if you have a dummy cake on display as your wedding cake. 

Outdoor Receptions

If you are having an outdoor wedding in a hot climate, a cake covered in buttercream is not your friend!  Opt for a cake covered in fondant instead.  Fondant can affected by the heat as well, but it definitely holds up better than buttercream against the heat.  Having the cake display under a pavilion or tent is a great way to steer clear of many outside elements that can be harmful to your cake.  Most importantly, avoid having the cake placed outdoors until it's closer to the reception time.  Once the cake has been cut and served, the remaining cake should be moved indoors.

Choose Colors Wisely

Colors come in many shades.  The specific shade you have in mind may not be the same shade that comes to the decorator's mind.  It is important to leave a color swatch with the decorator to match colors as close as possible.


Most people will shy away from foods dyed blue, purple or green because they don't look appetizing.  When making color selections, stick with colors that your guests will want to eat.  Keep in mind, dark colors can temporarily stain your skin and teeth.  We suggest the use of fabric ribbon and other embellishments to incorporate darker colors on your cake.

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